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Why Does My Partner
Answering questions from people who want help in relationships.

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Jules Shore

Juliane Taylor Shore LMFT, LPC, SEP specializes in trauma recovery and relational health. She has worked with couples and adults in her private practice in Austin, TX since 2009. She teaches Interpersonal Neurobiology to her interns, at local universities, and privately. When she's not working, Jules spends time in the hill country and with her husband, daughter, and dog. Learn more about Jules’ teachings at cleariskind.com
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rebecca wong

Rebecca has been a licensed clinical social worker for more than 17 years. She is certified in RLT and DARTT, both modalities for relational healing that she uses in her work with couples and individuals. Rebecca resides in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, daughters, and a handful of four legged furry mischief makers. She maintains an online private practice in New York, Colorado, and Massachusetts and offers workshops and intensives for couples, individuals, and therapists. She also hosts the Connectfulness Practice podcast.
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Vickey Easa

Vickey Easa LICSW is a therapist of 12+ years. She's been practicing Relational Life Therapy for four years, and Certified in this model for two. She sees adults, both individuals and couples. Her private practice is in Norwood, MA, where she lives with her husband and two children - no pets yet! Learn more about Vickey’s work at vickeyeasa.com